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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Selig "Off Base" With Golden Era Remark

Bud Selig, who could not be a less effective MLB Commissioner, recently was overheard saying that Major League Baseball was in a "Golden Era." Someone needs to give this knucklehead a drug test ASAP.The "Golden Era" was when players stayed with one team for more than 6 months of the season, when teams like Pittsburgh, Montreal and Kansas City had a shot at being a contender...for more than a "fluke" year.The "Golden Era" was when kids looked up at guys like Mickey Mantle or Roberto Clemente and were irate when the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to the Left Coast. Children and adults like could tell you what a fourth outfielder's batting average was every morning, when "Hold's" weren't a stat on the sports page. When games were followed on the radio and not an entitlement on TV.When guys like Raul Mondesi couldn't skip from team to team at a whim. Thankfully that chronic underachiever got his comeupence; he's been on the DL practically ever since he jumped from the Pirates for a slightly bigger Anaheim Angels paycheck. By the way, Bud, Kenesaw "Mountain" Landis would have chopped off Mondesi's manhood and showed it to the masses at the closest union representatives meeting, just to proove a point. Selig, as usual, slept while this travesty unraveled. Remember, this rocket scientist allowed the All-Star game to remain a tie a couple of years ago, instead of making someone, anyone, pitch another inning.The "Golden Era" featured buys with kooky nicknames..."Dr. Strangeglove," "The Mad Hungarian" and of course, "The Sultan of Swat." It's been interesting to see that practically no one has commented on Selig's proclamation. Maybe that was Bud's plan all along, to make the position as impotent as possible, so no one will ever expect the game to be fixed.


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