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Friday, April 01, 2011

Pittsburgh Native Cuban To Enter Wrestling

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

A representative for Mark Cuban announced today that the businessman has agreed to purchase the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance for an undisclosed amount.

Purchasing the federation has been a top priority for Cuban since he was rebuffed from acquring the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team a few years ago, confirmed the unnamed source.

Reports indicated that Cuban was in attendance at a recent KSWA event and that the Pittsburgh native was the first to purchase a new Alex Arcadian tee shirt.

Initial sources claim that current KSWA Owner Bobby O was blown away when he contacted by Cuban's people. “We had no idea that Mark was in the audience,” said Bobby O. “We would have gave him a special shout out from the ring.”

Lately, Cuban has been interesting in branching out from different ventures. He currently owns the NBA franchise Dallas Mavericks, and he's been featured on the TV Show “Shark Tank.”

Formerly, Cuban had dealing with the WWE. Cuban was a guest host when TV's “RAW” featured celebrity hosts, and he was even put through a table by one of the Superstars. He once had talks with Vince McMahon about starting a mixed martial arts league but that has since quieted.

Once acquired, Cuban plans to go ahead with plans to build a new wrestling venue. Nearly two years ago to the day it was announced that Allegheny County taxpayers would fund a wrestling arena near the current KSWA Arena in Lawrenceville. Expected cost overruns on the $200 million facility have temporarily grounded the project.

Officials close to the situation say that once the new venue is constructed, it will be home to the KSWA, as well as Cuban's fledgling MMA league, Pittsburgh Fight Club. He also hopes to hold quarterly demolition derbys featuring only Smart Cars. A former Dancing With the Stars contestent, Cuban is interested in bringing touring hoofers to the arena.

Leaders from the Pittsburgh area applaud Cuban's move, saying it allows Cuban to finally enter the city's bustling sports pantheon. Cuban had also shown interest in buying the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey club and Roller Derby team in the past, only to be thwarted.

Sources close to the transaction say there is no timetable for the transaction and there's no word weather or not the billionaire with be in attendance at Mayhem at the Moose on May 7 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose. Bell time is 7:30.


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