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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why Doesn’t Jerry Reed Get More Love?

While driving home today I was sick of hearing a repeat of Jimmy Norton’s constant homoeroticism from the Opie and Anthony show that was live earlier in the day, so I switched around the ole’ XM dial.
There are 170 channels on XM and similar to its television counterpart, there’s never anything on. My home computer eight pre-sets are difficult to fill, largely because as I described in a previous blog, I am a music snob.
Somewhere in between 70’s on 7 and an adult contemporary channel that plays listenable tunes in between Whitney Houston rabble, I saw “Jerry Reed, East Bound and Down,” so I punched it in.
Now I’m not a Jerry Reed aficionado, I only know the hits and I usually punch him in when I see his name on the XM Roadie or the unit I have in the house. I am never disappointed. I can’t imagine anyone having more fun in the studio with their rockabilly ways than Jerry Reed Hubbard, who just a few weeks ago celebrated his 70th birthday.
Fans and critics alike hark nostalgic for guys like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, but no one, from Big and Rich to Cowboy Troy make mention of “Snowman” from the Smokey and the Bandit franchise. I like Johnny Cash more and more, and Willie Nelson has even grown on me, despite his ultra-liberal leanings. Only Sheryl Crow has dropped a few rungs on my personal “Q” chart because of her coddled/entitlement mentality.
Perhaps “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot,” is too gimmicky, as it was circa the Ray Stevens “dark period” of American music. There’s no doubt that at one time Jerry Reed could party the Three 6 Mafia trio under the table. Jerry Reed is a Man’s Man.
My friend and Ying to my Popular Culture Yang, Drew, one of the nation’s top Country music personalities this side of Lorianne Crook, calls Jerry one of the world’s best Country guitarists. I don’t know that much about Jerry’s assorted talents, but I certainly like the music around him.
A quick resume search shows that Jerry continues to put out new music, including “Let’s Get It On” from 2006. According to another website, Jerry started plucking a guitar professionally in 1955, but has disregarded much of his early work, probably because according to the promotional pictures of that time, he was always in a button-up suit.
Maybe Jerry got mixed up with other similar talent. He was a regular on the Glen Campbell Show in 1969. Campbell is another guy who rarely gets a shout-out at any Country Music Award show, not even ones that Kanye West invades for not giving him a medallion.
There’s also a chance that some people confuse Reed with cousin-marrying Jerry Lee Lewis, who knows? I know I used to get Reed mixed up with actor and Juliette’s fathers, Geoffrey Lewis. Why? It's due to the fact that both men played second-fiddle buddy roles in every other movie during the 1970’s.
Reed’s discology of hits doesn’t resonate with today’s youth, or many radio station music directors for that matter. Amos Moses and other selected biggies from his catalog can be heard on XM, and I’m afraid, few other places. Although, hoodlums everywhere enjoy Amos as part of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack.
Uncle Kracker rolled out Dobie Gray to help with his cover of “Drift Away.” I want to see Kid Rock do the right thing and shadow Jerry Reed on Lord, Mr. Ford, or better yet, “She Got the Gold Mine, I Got The Shaft.” [Editor’s note: We realize that the last joke would be better served if Kid Rock’s ex-wife Pamela Anderson had performed that last song with her other ex-husband Tommy Shaw, but then again she has.]
Jerry Reed has chased fishing show hosts who returned his trophy catch back to the waters, and tried to cripple Adam Sandler’s character in the biopic “The Waterboy.” He’s one of the most entertaining guys of the past 50 years.
Love Jerry Reed you idiots, I think that’s Jimmy Norton hiding in the bushes.



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